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Volunteer Efforts

Boards & Service

One of the ways in which the New Jersey Association of Health Plans and its member companies contribute to New Jersey’s policymakers is through volunteer efforts on State Boards, Commissions and Authorities with representatives of other stakeholder groups and individuals. Participation on these entities is sometimes by appointment, sometimes by election, and is without pay. NJAHP staff and representatives of member companies volunteer their time and expertise for, among other entities, the following:

Mandated Health Benefits Advisory Commission
  • Sandy Kelly, Horizon


  • Wardell Sanders, NJAHP


New Jersey Individual Health Coverage Program Board
  • Lisa Levine, UnitedHealthcare


  • Lilton Talilaferro, AmeriHealth


  • Thomas Pownall, Aetna


  • Sandi Kelly, Horizon
New Jersey Health Information Technology Commission
  • Douglas Blackwell, Horizon
New Jersey Small Employer Health Benefits Program Board
  • Charles Cerniglia, UnitedHealthcare


  • Lilton Talilaferro, AmeriHealth


  • Nicholas Peterson, Horizon


  • Thomas Pownall, Aetna


  • Patrick Gillespie, Anthem
Executive Branch

The health plan community also contributes to a number of groups formed by executive branch agencies including:

NJDHSS Quality Improvement Advisory Committee

  • Wardell Sanders, NJAHP
  • Wardell Sanders, NJAHP, Chair of Committee
  • Dr. Cheryl Reid, Aetna Better Health of New Jersey